RESEARCH. Living Colour, Bacterial Textile Dyeing

Living Colour, a project that explores natural textile dyeing with live bacteria and the use of sound. The Netherlands-based textile and surface designers Ilfa Siebenhaar and Laura Luchtman partnered on the project Living Colour. Fascinated by bacterial pigments and creating patterns on textiles. Ilfa and Laura explore natural textile dying with live bacteria by the use of sound! “We investigated … Continue reading RESEARCH. Living Colour, Bacterial Textile Dyeing

MATERIALS. Coconut & Bioresin Surfboards

Coconut & Bioresin Composites drive Sustainable Surfboard Production. Since 2010, Cobra International, the leader in composites for watersports equipment headquartered in Chonburi, Thailand, has manufactured more than 10,000 surfboards based on coconut fibers for leading brand NSP. Founded in 1978, initially as an own-brand manufacturer of lightweight surfboards, in 1987 Cobra began to offer OEM … Continue reading MATERIALS. Coconut & Bioresin Surfboards