TEXTILE. Ocean-Plastic-Waste Recycled Polyester.

Discover at Première Vision Paris: Seaqual’s novel fibers, yarns, and A/W 18-19 fabrics in 100% recycled polyester from ocean-plastic-waste.

Designers, fabric and yarn buyers: no excuse can hold anymore. The profusion of sustainable raw materials is endless and a myriad of “traceable” products are market available. A Not-to-Miss at Première Vision Paris: more and new wovens and knits in  Seaqual’s ocean-waste-based recycled polyester.

seaqual.jpegThe Company: SEAQUAL 4U, a Spanish start-up result of a partnership between fashion brand ECOALF (foundation), textile group TEXTIL SANTANDERINA and spinning mill ANTEX. SEAQUAL4U is developer and owner of the trademarked Seaqual fiber.

SEAQUAL(tm) Chaine vertueuse.pngThe Fiber: Seaqual is a 100% recycled polyester filament, made from sea-bottom recycled plastic waste through a traceable supply chain from fisherman to consumer including the three players of the entire textile industry chain: spinning – weaving -garment manufacturing. The goal is to encourage the cleanup of marine waste while creating eco-responsible yarns and fibers. A division for partnering international weaving mills is being set up.

SEAQUAL(tm) Hilo Blanco (2)

New Yarns: Seaqual is market available in continuous and discontinuous filaments. Discontinuous yarns (produced by Vich Industrial) come in titles between 10 Nm and 70 Nm, to be used pure, greige, yarn dyed or blended with natural fibers including organic cotton, Lenzing Tencel, viscose, wool, linen, etc.

New are the continuous yarns (produced by Antex), targeting Ready-to-Wear, swim, sport, denim or hosiery applications in both woven and knit (circular or seamless) systems,  as available in 50, 78 and 167 dtex, texturized spinning, including air-texturing,


A/W 18-19 Fabrics: source Seaqual wovens and knits at following European textile manufacturers (all exhibiting at Première Vision Paris, Sept 19-21, 2017):

TEXTIL SANTANDERINA (Spain): wovens in Seaqual + Refibra by Lenzing,  Seaqual + recycled cotton or recycled linen for denim, chinos, and shirting

A.SAMPAIO E FILHOS TEXTEIS  (Portugal): Seaqual circular knits

SOFILETA (France): second-skin type knits in Seaqual for swim and sportswear

GENEROS DE PUNTO FABRES (Spain): printed Seaqual cut and sew materials for fashion and swimwear

FIERATEX (Greece): Seaqual + cellulosics for fashion knits

GIPITEX  (Italy): fancy, couture-oriented, Seaqual jacquard wovens

SEAQUAL(tm) turtle-image-cropped.jpg

“75% OF OUR WASTE ends up on our SEA BOTTOMS, while 25% remains on the SURFACE.”


source: SEAQUAL

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